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About Otis Dreams

A Message From the Founder

“My name is Otis Brown, and I very recently embarked on a venture that involves promoting education. To kick-start our ‘Education Initiative,’ I have created t-shirts displaying various educational affirmations.

Education is very important and is a must-have in our society today. Otis Dreams was created for the future of the children and our world. We want grandparents, parents, and children to know that there are still people who truly care about the future and well-being of our society.

We have dedicated our lives to getting out here, walking the pavement, and motivating the world. We let them know that education is the best exit to take in life. The staff at Otis Dreams has witnessed and experienced hands on the distractions that can occur when one makes the wrong choice in life.

So, we are making a worldwide movement to let society know that education is the key to success. Support the movement of Otis Dreams…"

What’s a Goal Without a Vision?

What’s a Vision Without a Dream?

What’s a Dream Without a Plan?

What’s a Plan Without Ambition?

What’s Ambition Without Work?

……It’s Just a Wish!!!!!

We’re Working to Make Our Dreams a Reality

Reaching Every Goal Until We Reach the Top…..Motivated

‘Choose Education’

Educational T-Shirts Available…


I’m from the south side of Chicago from a great family. My mother raised our big family right, as well as stressed the importance of education despite the distractions I faced from the inner city. I was psychologically intelligent to the survival of living, but I invested in the wrong profession, which led me to push my education from me.

I became imposed to the importance of my future as I witnessed how society (role models) has allowed our youth how not to be important to us, be heard, or not be nourished just how we were. I visioned hands on what street knowledge can do to education and in reaching solid goals in life.

So today, upon creating Otis Dreams, I have a vision as well as a mission to try with all my willpower to reach out to the children of the future through my motivating educational phrases. Education is important and there’s someone here that cares and is willing, with the tools and patience, to help!!! With all thanks for taking the time to visit my site. I’m open to all who would like to share my vision.”

Thank you,

Otis Brown

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